Rules and Information

Created Wednesday 13 December 2017

Game Channels

The game will be conducted through IRC on the SorceryNet Network. [ irc.sorcery.net ]

Official IRC channels:

#Apex - Main gameplay channel encompassing the Guild Hall. Approved Character required to play and post in this channel. All posts are to be IN CHARACTER within this channel.
#Apex_OOC - Out of Character channel. Off-topic discussions, out of character discussions, and other topics are permitted in this channel. Potential players or friends should be pointed to join here.
#APX_Dice - This channel will be primarily used for rolling dice. In and out of character chat should be limited within this channel.
Others: There may be other channels spontaneously used for game locations, player housing or locations etc. Please prefix these channels with #APX_ to denote their usage for our game. For example if you wish for you and your friends to meet at Bobs house. You may use a channel such as #APX_BobsHouse

Sanctioned Bots

Currently the bot used to tie in to all related Apex services is coincidentally named Apex. This bot handles dice rolls, initiative tracking, daily profession rolls, character sheet integration, and more! There is no currently available help file or complete list of commands for Apex however once such infomation is available it will be updated on this page.

Dungeon Masters and Staff

The following is a list of our Dungeon Masters as well as any other pertinent staff and their positions.

Senior Dungeon Masters:
^Faye^, [R].
Dungeon Masters:
Kentachi, Raelia.
Apprentice Dungeon Masters:

Services Coordinator: ^Faye^.
Services Programmers: ^Faye^, [R].
Campaign Setting Director: ^Faye^.
Setting Contributors & Writers:
^Faye^, Kentachi, Raelia.

Player Code of Conduct

The Apex community is committed to providing a friendly safe welcoming environment for all. To participate in the community, you must abide by the following rules:

1: No harassment or griefing of any kind is tolerated. Harassment includes offensive comments related to gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, age, race, religion, or skill level. Participants who engage in harassing behavior are to comply immediately when asked to stop. Ops may take actions ranging from warnings to outright channel bans. [This is primarily for OOC interactions. IC there may be real racial tensions etc. Please know where to draw the line IC and not use it as an excuse to circumvent these rules, otherwise Ops will intervene there as well.]
2: This is primarily an adult community. There is likely to be offensive language and other mature or adult fantasy themes. With that being said please be respectful in our channels. Graphic sexual depictions should not be expressed in open channels. Characters are free to have consentual relations with other characters, though any adult oriented roleplay should be kept to private messages or private channels. All such dealings must be consentual and lawful. [In Character Non-consentual adult themed roleplay is permitted only with Out of Character Player consent. Consent is ALWAYS required.]
3: Attempt to resolve issues in an adult manner. Do not resort to personal attacks on others. Arguments should be constructive if about the game, interpersonal conflict should be as limited as possible. We're here to have fun. Dungeon Masters and Ops can try and mediate disputes, please respect the authority of their decisions.
4: Try to avoid interparty conflict if possible. If you have to act slightly out of character to keep the peace and keep the game moving, please do so.

How is the game run?

A lot of roleplay contained in the #Apex Guild Hall channel will not need to be strictly managed as most of it in gameplay terms will be considered "down time." Rolls needed to be made will generally be made in #APX_Dice and an active Dungeon Master can resolve the results of any rolls being made. #Apex will be a very social place where characters can interact and talk, tell stories, or relay all sorts of information. This Guild Hall will also be a good source for acquiring quests and jobs. The availability of such things will be managed by the Dungeon Masters and made available to the players through the main channel. If you feel you need a Dungeon Master for something, speak up in #Apex_OOC and flag one down, we'll usually be more than happy to help.

Story Arcs, Quests, Jobs, Exploration, and Adventuring will generally all be handled by Dungeon Masters. We have a team of Dungeon Masters that are on the same page, and adhere to the same guidelines on providing the players with content and rewards. There may be spontaneous events for those who are actively online, but we will also generally try and schedule important or big events in advance so that the players can join in the bigger story and participate.

Dungeon Master Council

The Dungeon Master Council is a term we use to refer to our collective group of Dungeon Masters. These Dungeon Masters all adhere to the same guidelines, as well as collaborate so that we can present a unified game. This means that if you go on an adventure led by one Dungeon Master, the results of that adventure should persist and reflect on the world when you do something with another Dungeon Master.
Dungeon Masters will have their own notes and tools, and will have access to information the players do not. It is their job to make the story fun and engaging, but they are all too human. If you disagree with a ruling from a Dungeon Master or have an issue, please do not hold the game up. Please bring it to the Dungeon Masters attention either in private or in the OOC channel so it can be resolved; Remember that you may not always agree with the rulings, but in the end the Council has the final say on anything game-related.
They'll do their best to be fair but with a large playerbase not everyone is always going to get their way. Don't get discouraged should something not pan out the way you were intending. We firmly believe in common-sense. It is possible that a common-sense rule may trump a mechanical rule.