Created Tuesday 28 November 2017

People may form organizations or groups, or even unsanctioned guilds known as Orders, but these are not true Guilds. A sanctioned Guild with a charter is univerally acknowledged in all the major territories, though not always welcomed or extended the priveleges they enjoy in the vast majority of places.


A charter is an extremely hard if not almost impossible thing to aquire. The benefits of being a part of a Guild are nothing to be scoffed at and grant a wide variety of perks. The network of Guilds is overseen by a group aptly named The Overseers. Guilds form a network and each city generally has a Guild Registrar. The Guild Registrar is responsible for cataloging which Guilds are headquartered in their respective cities, as well as maintaining active member lists for each guild. Any modifications to a guild roster must be submitted to the local Guild Registrar.
Guilds and by extension its members can gain a number of perks depending on the area and government which presides over said area.

Guild Identification

The Overseers provide Guild Signet Rings to chartered Guilds. These Rings are Magical rings that are extremely difficult to forge. They start as un-attuned rings, when worn they attune themselves to the wearer over a period of about a day.
After this attunement the ring is bound to its wearer. They generally bear the insignia or crest of the guild they belong to, as well as the symbol of The Overseers. Through a bit of concentrated will the ring can be made to give off a faint blue glow.
If the ring is then worn by anyone other than the person it was attuned to, it will always give off a faint red glow. Wearing or being in possession of a stolen or unofficial or wrongly attuned Guild ring is against the law in almost all regions and these rings will be confiscated immediately.
Forging a ring or impersonating a member of a Guild is a very severe offense and can have grave consequences.
Any member of a chartered guild will have a Guild signet ring. They are provided free of charge to each Guild by The Overseers, and are generally provided to guilds by the local Guild Registrar.

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