Lasciel Achaos

Created Tuesday 28 November 2017

Lasciel Achaos is an upbeat always optimistic girl who is questionably sane and a member of the Ardent Apex guild.

Basic Information


"Lasc" - Almost everyone.
"The Bestest" - Lasciel Achaos
"That pink haired crazy bitch" - Almost everyone else.
Home: For Heaven's Cakes! in Aeston
Gender: Female
Race: Appears to be a Fetchling
Pact: Unknown Daemon


The year and circumstances regarding Lasciel's birth are currently unknown. When asked about the topics Lasciel almost always has a different version or farfetched story on the topic, though one remaining constant is that she admits that she does not have any parents, despite routinely joking about different ways they have been killed or murdered. She also jokes consistently and poses the question "Who said I was ever born and not just spawned?"

Lasciel is not overly secretive about her past or her exploits however one can not always decide if her outlandish stories and claims are fact, fiction, or some blending of the two. She has stated many times that she has been a member of countless cults including a vampire cult and a dragon cult. She also claims to have been the leader of a few cults over the years before being eventually overthrown or kicked out. She says she's still the leader of Apraxia's sole Cupcake Cult and will never be toppled from its leadership as it's the organization she is most proud to belong to, even if she is its sole member.

Her exact age is a mystery. It's assumed Lasciel must be much older than she lets on and appears to be as she's claimed to be witness to several events some that are centuries passed, as well as claims that she predates both Aeston and Ebonlocke which are both over eight hundred years old. One would assume she's merely lying but there have been some corroborations from some more long-lived denizens of Apraxia such as Lord Mulder, all of whom have stated she is older than them and even older than their elders.

In the recent past Lasciel had been wandering and searching the realm for the best cupcake recipes or interesting things to do. Lasciel has apparently never settled down in any place for a lengthy time, though it is known that she once lived in Ebonlocke for a period of time. Her reasons for never having settled down are that she's always found it difficult to make any friends and it makes her sad when they eventually leave her, and so she moved around to avoid attachments. She has been a member of a couple guilds prior to Ardent Apex but has always either been kicked out or simply left because she's felt that no one liked her.

Lasciel has recently come back to Aeston in search of friends. Having spent the last while wandering Lasciel had entered into another one of her phases of being lonely and decided to try her hand in Aeston which is known for its numerous guilds and friendly accepting population. Shortly after arriving and after having been rejected from a number of other ones she was able to join Ardent Apex to begin her attempts to make some friends there. She's been working hard in her own way ever since and even managed to make some new friends like Danielle Artois and Draxilith the Scarred.

Not having any idea what to spend her money on and always having dreamed of bringing her tasty treats to the masses, Lasciel bought what used to be an inn with attached tavern in Aeston's Merchant District and converted it into her bakery For Heaven's Cakes! which she runs with her trusty "doggy" Sally. She also spends time attempting to collect animals so that she can make a zoo, which currently consists of Sally, Foxilia, and her large parrot Jennifer. Despite protests from her other guild members she includes Foxilia amongst her zoo animals even though she is repeatedly told Foxilia is actually a fellow guild member named Lily.


Lasciel is always bounding with seemingly endless energy and upbeat spunk, much to the annoyance and chagrin of her fellow guildmates. Never one to simply walk Lasciel is constantly dashing from place to place or skipping merrily as she strongly believes that merely walking calmly is boring and of the many things she has been and is willing to be called, boring is not one of them. Lasciel has no filter and often rambles and says what she thinks, often times literally speaking aloud her inner monologue.

Easily confused and one to always miss the obvious or jump to the most farfetched conclusions, many times people have trouble deciding whether the girl is naive, stupid, or simply insane. The question of her sanity is often at the forefront of people's minds while dealing with Lasciel due to her constant cackling and ever increasing list of almost impossible or outright stupid claims, claims which just keep coming and coming as it's almost impossible to shut Lasciel up once she starts talking or rambling.

She almost always seems happy in any situation and is known for her completely featherbrained nature. She is ever the trickster and mischievous troublemaker, always digging around and trying to cause trouble and play pranks at every opportunity... even at times and places where it is completely innapropriate which just further highlights her complete lack of situational awareness. Lasciel is also known for completely atypical reactions to events and situations. Facing certain death she shows absolutely zero fear and would continue laughing and joking around as if her death wouldn't matter in the least, however being unable to find a piece of clothing she owns or dropping one of her cupcakes on the floor could lead to crippling despair and anguish. Luckily she never seems to let anything get her down for more than a few minutes at most.

Lasciel has an extremely difficult time retaining friends for many of the previously mentioned reasons as not many people can tolerate her extremely strong force of personality and questionable sanity. Her complete lack of any moral compass as well as the aforementioned traits have been instrumental in the loss of previous friendships. It is extremely difficult to know whether she is intentionally immoral or unstable nevertheless she is judged quickly for it and even the most patient and understanding people can find her personality grating and annoying.

It does not appear Lasciel has the presence of mind, maturity, or self-introspection to care what people think of her, how she presents herself, or how others view her actions. This is largely due to a flaw in how her mind views the world and reality around her. Lasciel often views things differently and rarely, if ever, understands other peoples perspectives or points of view. It almost appears as though Lasciel lives in her own reality, it is not that she is intentionally insensitive or cruel, she is just incapable of understanding any way that isn't her own. Contrary to the way things appear and are presented through her actions Lasciel yearns for affection and to be accepted. Lasciel wishes for nothing more than to be liked and for people to consider her a close and good friend, she just lacks the capability and tools to make this happen in the same way as others do.

An upside to her view of reality is that as even if people outwardly hate and dislike her to her face, she simply views them as silly and joking because she can only see herself through her own eyes not theirs. Lasciel is very sensitive and easily saddened by her lonliness; in the rare cases where Lasciel can properly identify someone's disdain or dislike of her, her de-facto solution is simply to kill the offender. In her mind someone disliking her or hating her generates negative energy towards her. Fearing that that negative energy is a disease that will spread to others she is very quick to outright murder or kill the person in an attempt to remove that source of negative energy and prevent it from spreading.


Lasciel appears as a young woman in her mid to late teens with a pale skinned complexion. Depending on her mood Lasciel's eyecolor ranges from a soft glowing pink to brightly glowing red. Lasciel has a slender and petite frame with small breasts and long bright pink hair. She normally is only seen in one of two outfits: A pure black lace dress with a hidden dagger sheath on the inside of her thigh, or her white bakers uniform from her bakery For Heaven's Cakes!. She also is known for wearing her bakers hat, her "big pointy wizard hat", and her "fancy cupcake hat." She frequently can been seen with wisps of shadow ebbing off her exposed skin.

Friends & Foes

Here are some of Lasciel's more recent relationships, ones from her past are generally guarded and secret and not known.


Danielle Artois
Lasciel met Danielle after joining Ardent Apex and after sharing a bunk in the shared living quaters they became quick friends. Danielle seems to be one of the few people willing to put up with and even on occasion support Lasciel's antics.
Draxilith the Scarred
Met after joining Ardent Apex Lasciel initially thought Drax to be the unholy union of a mermaid and a bucket, a being she immediately identified as a "Merbucket." She now understands that this was a simple misunderstanding and has since come to terms with the fact that Drax is actually a dragon. These two can often be seen getting into trouble together and much to the disapproval of others they actively encourage eachother to questionable behaviour, however Lasciel is almost exclusively the one who is caught and reprimanded.


Sally is a large and extremely intelligent Raccoon. Sally is always helping her master on daring capers and assisting Lasciel in her endeavors to steal things and cause trouble for Ardent Apex's chef Mac. While Sally is Lasciel's familiar, Lasciel doesn't understand what that is or means, so she just calls Sally her "doggy", as Lasciel is extremely prone to mis-identifying animals.
Jennifer is Lasciel's large colorful parrot who currently lives in the Ardent Apex Guild Hall on top of a short marble pillar in the corner of their common room. Jennifer enjoys any attention that she is given and is known to be especially happy on nights where Sally feeds and plays with her or takes her to the bath house.
Lasciel considers Foxilia to be one of the animals that belongs to her zoo. The fact that Foxilia can assume a humanoid form is simply a bonus and makes her a better attraction. No matter how many times anyone points out that Foxilia is actually a fellow guild member named Lily Stone, Lasciel reserves the right to call her pet fox whatever she wants and thinks the others are out to try and steal animals from her growing animal collection because they're jealous she thought up the idea of opening a zoo first.


Lasciel claims that she has no enemies as any enemies she identifies she promptly kills. There are those who vehemently identify her as an enemy, but she currently doesn't identify anyone as her enemy.

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