The Wayfarers

Created Tuesday 28 November 2017

The Wayfarers Guild is a group that is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the Gate System that is throughout Apraxia.


The Wayfarers are mostly explorers and scholars. They offer teleportation services and sell maps (that they create) of areas. Their importance is vastly understated and they're not hugely popular. Everyone knows they exist, but it's not much beyond that. They also possess the only complete list of Gate Addresses, as well are the only ones that are able to create or modify Gates themselves including their addresses.


The Wayfarers Guild allows applications to join however has stringent requirements to even be considered as an applicant. Among the requirements are that the applicant must demonstrate a knowledge of geography, be able to cast teleportation spells, as well be able to commit to the responsibilities that would be required of them if they were accepted. Among such responsibilities are things like the requirements of penning a number of maps per year, or in lieu of original maps of unmapped areas members can opt to update or validate existing maps, though new maps are always preferable to add to the library.

New members aren't allowed access to any of the guilds secrets and it takes quite an extended period of time before enough trust is earned. As a members rank rises they are afforded more information and eventually training to deal with Gates themselves.

The Wayfarers do not have any restrictions on whether a member may be a member of other guilds, however it is very explicitly stated that they may not divulge guild secrets to anyone outside The Wayfarers Guild. Higher ranks are required to resign from alternate guilds before promotion as beyond a certain rank they wish for no split loyalties, generally at such ranks the members are sworn to the guild for the rest of their lives and only allowed an option to exit upon retirement.

Locations and Headquarters

There will be a Wayfarer Guild Office in almost every large city that allows it. Most cities are quite welcoming of this as it gives them access to Wayfarer maps, teleportation magics, and most importantly allows for maitenance on any Gates they may possess. For these reasons The Wayfarers are generally welcomed even in the rare areas, regions, and kingdoms that do not recognize or actively oppose the Guilds.

Offices are strategically located around Apraxia in an attempt to cast a wide net so that all the local populace do not have far to travel to obtain or submit maps. All maps are meticulously labeled and categorized before being copied, and all copies are sent to Headquarters to be stored in their great library.

The exact location of the Wayfarer Headquarters isn't known to the public, large guild offices are have Gates that can only be accessed by Wayfarers, and these Gates are all connected back to the main Headquarters.

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