Ardent Apex

Created Tuesday 28 November 2017


Other Guilds and Orders are unsure of the story behind it, but know that the Ardent Apex Charter was not earned through conventional means. This has caused some envy and dislike from some of the Orders that have been on the waiting list for a Charter for some time. Word has it that Ardent Apex is just a fledgling inexperienced guild that currently does mostly mercenary work.

Faye Rel Astra's Grandfather was a high council member of The Overseers, upon his death it was left in his will that Faye Rel Astra be given a charter as a way to continue not only his legacy, but that of their ancestor Rel Intra Darkun.
After another guild lost their charter, it was the first time in awhile that the charter listing was not at capacity, and so Ardent Apex was moved to the front of the list and given one. The ex-guild who lost their charter is understandably upset and blames Ardent Apex for this loss, and rumours are out there that they are looking to do something about it.

Guild Leadership

Guild Master: Faye Rel Astra
Warden: Open.
Officers: Xion, Raelia Mithril-Raven
Treasurer: Xion
Quartermaster: Xion
Emissary: Raelia Mithril-Raven
Guild Steward: Calvin Rathbourne

Guild Bylaws

Many guilds have bylaws by which they are internally governed, these are set apart from the higher rules set forth by The Overseers. Some are extravagant and strict sets of rules laid out like laws, and some guilds only have very loose guidelines.
The following are the bylaws of Ardent Apex:

Defend the reputations of the guild and it's members.
Always aid a fellow guildmember.
Never betray the guild or a member to outsiders.
Loyalty to Guild before all else.
Guild insignia must never be defaced.
Be ready to punish traitors to the guild.
Stay up to date on member fees.

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