Xeleak the Fallen

Created Tuesday 05 December 2017

Xeleak the Fallen seeks out treasures of the world, physical and immaterial.

Basic Information

Home: Aeston
Gender: Male
Deity: Aldne


Many tieflings are born due to unfortunate family histories involving demons. Xeleak was born because of purposeful family history involving demons. Long worshipping demons, Xeleak's family once belonged to a now destroyed and defeated Rakshasa worshipping cult. Xeleak was born from a long line of tieflings, from a human parent. Spared only because he was a babe and innocent, Xeleak was given a chance at redemption in church life. Despite this, he was consistently picked on, berated, and abused for being a tiefling. Not an unusual endeavor. Early he found that money helped to stymie this, and so he started on his quest for wealth.


Xeleaks skin is a soft coppery color, with a pair of tiny horns curled back over his flat brown hair. A pair of large feathery wings uselessly sway with each step he takes. Feathers cover them, tips red and fading into black. Xeleak is a tall man, hitting a few inches above six feet at estimate.

Friends & Foes

The only friends that Xeleak has are treasures. He does, however, know the value of loyalty and accepts it from the Guild.


Cool shiny things
Ardent Apex


A few irritated husbands

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