Lawful Good
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff/Staff
Domains: Artifice (Alchemy), Charm (Love), Community (Family), Healing, Plant

Known to her followers as the Gentle Lover and the Delicate Flower, Aldne favors Kindness and Love in her followers while rebuking Chastity and Wrath.


Aldne encourages her followers to seek love in a lasting partner and with them raise a family. To aid one another in child rearing and grow beneficial herbs for good health.




Inter-deity relationships are under construction.


Aldne communicates with her faithful through visions of true love, and paths of flower petals.
Finding such a path is said to lead you towards a lover. However finding a wilted flower or plant in your path while walking with a lover is a sign of great misfortune, especially if the plant has particularly potent healing properties.

Church of Aldne

The church of Aldne is comprised of many garners, nursemaid's, midwives, healers, prostitutes, parents and alchemists. The church maintains large open gardens that double as temples to Alden. These gardens provide much free nourishment to the communities in which they have been grown.


Many of Aldne's clergy are Alchemists, Clerics and Bards. She has few Paladins to her service but they are said to be extremely beautiful, morso than those of other deities. Some believe that the paladins use special pheromone extracts to be more appealing and command more attention. Other members of the clergy spend much of their time gardening, concocting and feeding the people. The church does sell some of its more rare ingredients to keep the church funded.

Temples & shrines

Temples dedicated to Aldne are large open gardens full of rare plants from which they create their potions and elixirs. They also maintain groves of fruit bearing trees and other foods with which to help feed the populace.

Holy Texts

Sacred Horticulture is the primary manuscript of Aldneā€™s faith. Lesser text include books of poems and ways to improve odds of conceptions during intercourse.


The church celebrates the spring with several large masquerades where members can freely be intimate with one another. These celebrations usually cause a boom in communities population nine months later.

Favored animals

Gods are often associated with certain animals, either because they possess a quality favored by the god, or because the god's faithful feel a special kinship to them. Aldne's favoured animals are turtle doves.

Guilds:Ardent Apex:Active Members:Xeleak the Fallen
Religion:Major Deities:Ithrale'na