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Community Size: Metropolis
Population: ~1,500,000
Races: Human (340,000); Half Elf (255,000); Halfling (175,000); Dwarf (150,000); Elf (110,000); Gnome (105,000); Other (295,000);

The city of Aeson is broken up into many different large districts. Each district has a Gate in it, and there is an additional number of them in strategic locations reserved for use by city guard, Guild members, and other emergency and misc use.

Aeston is not without its problems, and some of the smaller poorer districts are wrought with crime, but in general it is a decent place to live. There are very few racial tensions within the city as people have learned to live together. This isn't to say there are no racial tensions, as some races enjoy keeping to themselves in smaller districts of their own and are less friendly to outsiders.


Aestons History will be available soon.


Aeston falls under the banner of no kingdom, and is itself a psuedo-kingdom under its own banner. Politically speaking Aeston is neutral and doesn't consider itself a kindom in its own rights.
The city itself is run by council, and most major races have a seat on the council.
The council is elected, though calls for such elections are very rare. The council tries to be as fair as possible and has a dynamic number of seats to accomodate the needs of the city. All major races that dwell within the city are sought to have a member on the council so that everyones interests are represented. The council is extremely fair and rules transparently and openly, trying to make Aeston one of the most free and welcoming places for honest people to live and thrive. Most members of the High Council live within the Inner Sanctum, which also contains Parliment and the Council Headquarters.

As with everywhere The Overseers have a large influence and respect in Aeston despite none of them officially residing within Aeston to the best of peoples knowledge.

City Guard

The City Guard is managed by a branch of the local government and hires its Guards from two primary sources. The groups are known as "The Guard Proper" and "The Hired Guard", but both are collectively just referred to as the City Guard.

The Guard Proper
The Guard Proper are hired and also trained by the city, they are akin to a traditional City Guard and bear Aeston Guard uniforms in the colors of Blue and Gold. Many members are ex-soldiers who have retired or aspiring soldiers looking to gain experience. The Guard Proper also makes up mostly all the jailors and permanent positions needed, as well as the Judges for the lower courts. The Guard Proper is a relatively small force when compared to other cities and makes up a much lower per-citizen ratio than other cities boast.
The Hired Guard
The Hired Guard make up the bulk of patrols and rotating guard positions assigned to various establishments and places that request guard presence on a more permanent basis yet don't require or care to have the same guards on a daily basis. The guards themselves are generally sourced from Guilds mostly and can be hired on for a term as short as a single day. Prospective hired Guards need to schedule their availability in advance, or show up to one of the many Guard Barracks at least one hour before a shift rotation. Guild members are given priority, and those who do not belong to a Guild must first be certified as being competent enough for the duties required. The Hired Guard is required to wear a guard uniform the same as The Guard Proper, except the colors are Blue and Silver.

Standing Army

Aeston has a well equipped and trained standing army, which is supplemented by a large yet untrained Militia. The Army is paid for and equipped and trained by the city. Their duties generally only rely on city defense and external threats to the city. They generally do not assist the City Guard unless things are beyond their ability to control. If the city falls under threat they also will be supplemented by the Militia and the Guilds. Aeston's standing army also will contribute up to three quarters of its forces to the Realm Guard if called upon.

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