Draxilith the Scarred

Created Sunday 03 December 2017

Basic Information


"Mighty Dragon" and "Merbucket" - Lasciel Achaos
"Drax" - Most people
Home: Prix Woodlands
Gender: Male
Race: Goblin
Deity: Shade


Very little is known about Draxilith's place of birth, parents, or early years in his long-lived life of fourteen years, an uncommon age to reach for a goblin. Draxilith reports that he learned how to mix "drinks" from a fly bug (Draxilith's name for pixies and butterflies) in the Prix Woodlands. As for how he got to Aeston it is likely that during one of his forays to gather ingredients he wandered through a portal to the Nevernever, emerging from the portal found in the Elynore Park of Aeston's Elynore District.
Draxilith was mistakenly given directions to the Ardent Apex guild by the city guard when he misunderstood spoken goblin for 'Apex.' When he found his way to Ardent Apex, Draxilith quickly irritated one of the guild officers with his refusal to speak Common. He joined the Ardent Apex to pass the time and at times he has come in handy to the other members of the guild. Recently he was been taken by the Summer Court to be judged by trial.


Draxilith often follows the beat of his own drum or whatever sounds catch his fancy. He does not adhere to many conventional rules. He is capable of speaking multiple languages but primarily speaks goblin as he does not like to speak the language of his food. Everyone in his eyes are thrown into two categories: food and non-food, the latter category consists of guild members and the citizens of Aeston against his protests. He cannot recall the names of anyone and most things but it does not stop him from assigning his own names to things.
Draxilith retains many typical traits of his race including a voracious appetite for almost everything, a penchant for shinies, and his self-determined right to scavenge anything. While goblins believe that writing is akin to death Draxilith gets by with drawings and vague diagrams for his formulae. He spends most of his time consumed with his peculiar brand of "research," making jaunty songs, and stirring up trouble with "non-food pink-haired girl". Most regard him as crazy, evil, or possibly an idiot, but one thing is certain when you hear his laugh you will know he is up to something.


Draxilith is a fun-sized goblin and stands proudly with an improvised red dragon costume, the entire outfit feathered into mock scales. The hood has fierce yellow eyes and padded white teeth. His red scaled pants have a dragon tail attached. His skin is forest-green complimenting his pretty beady red eyes, tiny nose, sharp teeth, and pointy ears.


Draxilith does not understand the concept of friendship so everyone is classified as food and non-food because after all how can someone be friends with their food?

Food (Enemies and tasty looking foodstuffs)

Summer Court
Have wrongfully summoned him by polymorphing Draxilith into a doll and spiriting him away to the Nevernever.
Stuffed Unicorn Kidnapper
Kidnapped Draxilith and brought him to the Summer Court in the Nevernever.

Non-Food ("Friends" and nasty looking foodstuffs that you'd have to be dying of starvation to eat)

Non-Food Pink Haired Girl
Lasciel Achaos who is fondly referred to by Drax as "Pink Haired Girl" for short, is one of Draxilith's few friends. They can often be seen stirring up mischief for which Draxilith rarely gets caught due to his ability to slippery snake into the shadows.

Guilds:Ardent Apex:Active Members
Guilds:Ardent Apex:Active Members:Lasciel Achaos