Calvin Rathbourne

Created Tuesday 05 December 2017

Calvin Rathbourne is an adventurous Sorceror who seeks out history to catelogue and record.

Basic Information

Home: Aeston
Gender: Male
Deity: Rolan


The history of family Rathbourne dates back over one thousand years, where Calvins ancestor defeated an green dragon to save a city that no longer exists. His reward for being a dragon slayer was protection from other dragons, and a gorgeous wife. Though he was not made aware of it, his wife was a silver dragon named Valeria. Their children bore traits of this, though she used her magic to conceal it from her husband and others. After his death, Valeria left her family to return to her lair. Her children went on to be heroes in their own right, the family diminished from exalted to forgotten as the generations passed. Though the family name survived, by the time Calvin was born to an unassuming farmhand and farmers daughter, knowledge of the family had already been forgotten. At a young age, Calvin had demonstrated an affinity to magic that seemed natural and didn't require study like a wizard. When he was old enough to inquire, his father and mother both had no answers. Deciding that his cause should be to find this history, Calvin left his parents and travelled to Aeston where he spent a bit of time learning the things necessary to become an adventurer and accomplished magic user.


Calvin is a tall, bespectacled man with good looks, light skin, blue eyes, and an air of charisma that always seems to follow him. Though his hair is a dark black color, it contains silver flecks that lighten its hue. Calvin favors blues and silvers in his clothing, and is often seen wearing what is designed for travel and adventure.

Friends & Foes

Calvin has no one he believes is a friend, but does believe the Ardent Apex guild is family.

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