Ardent Apex Guild Hall

Created Tuesday 28 November 2017


The Guild Hall plot is surrounded by a five foot stone wall, with a large wrought iron gate that is always open and displays the guild crest. There's a gravel path leading up to a single story stone building with a large steel door, above the door is another guild crest with fancy lettering that says "The Ardent Apex" above it.


Bath House

There is a medium sized building connected to the Guild Hall that contains a bath house. Inside the building is a large pool sized hot springs which is connected to the city water supply, as well as four smaller rooms each with a bath tub in them for private bathing.
The private baths tap into the city aqueducts have three stoppers embedded in the bottom. Pulling up on either two of the stoppers would reveal that the tubs are bottom fed, and doing so allows water to flow into the tubs with one stopper being for hot water and the other cold. The third stopper can be pulled up to drain the tub. Any overflow from these tubs simply runs along the slightly angled floor and into the main hot spring.

Common Room

The large room is well furnished with a number of circular tables and chairs, as well as some long rectangular tables with benches. There is one main table that is centered in the room and seats upwards of twenty people per side on either chairs or benches/ On the far wall are three large bulletin boards, one of which has a donation box in front of it. Against another wall is a large set of steel lockers for the guild members. In one of the corners sits a four foot tall marble pillar with a large colorful parrot on top of it, and next to this pillar is a large polished oblong boulder that normally has a fox sleeping around or on top of it.


The kitchen is used to prepare food and contains a stove, sink, and a large pantry with various cooking tools and supplies. It also has a number of Storage cupboards for foodstuffs, and is the domain of Ardent Apex's chef Mac.


The Guild Hall Lavatory contains four stalls. Each stall contains a toilet which is connected to the cities sewer system.

Meeting Room

The meeting room used for meetings and entertaining guests in a relaxed comfortable setting. It is furnished with a number of chairs and large circular table. The table seats fifteen.


These simple rooms include a door with a simple lock, a chair, and a large desk that has two drawers with simple locks. An Office affords its user privacy and a refuge from other activity in the building. The Guild Hall currently has four offices which are currently being occupied by Faye, Xion, Raelia, and Calvin.

Private Housing Building

Attached via stone pathway to the main hall, this medium sized building is subdivided into smaller chambers and provides private housing and storage for up to 10 people. Each chamber includes one bed, linens, a closet, a toilet, and a small table and chair. The doors to the chambers are simple wooden doors with a simple locks.

Shared Living Quarters

The Shared Living Quarters provide housing and limited storage for up to 10 people. Though hardly private, this space includes bunkbeds, linens, small chests with poor locks, and two toilets.

Storage Room

The Guild Hall has two fourty square foot rooms that can be used for storage purposes.


This is a secure room in the basement designed to keep out intruders. The access to this space is controlled by an iron door with a master lock which only Guild Officers have a key to. It contains the treasury as well as any items brought back from jobs or adventures to keep safe until they can be distributed or sold.


There is a large workshop with three workstations in it. Currently set up in the workshop are stations for working on Alchemy, Clothing, and Leatherworking.

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