Faye Rel Astra

Created Tuesday 28 November 2017

Faye Rel Astra is an adventurous woman with an optimistic outlook on life, who recently was granted a Guild Charter for Ardent Apex.

Basic Information


"Tornado of Fury" - Aeston Arena
"Funny Punchy Rady" - Lily Stone
Home: Aeston
Gender: Female
Race: Oread
Deity: Sarasa


Faye Rel Astra was born shortly before the heinous murder of her parents whom she never met nor had a relationship with. Her Grandfather Nor Rel Intra under the burden of being on the High Council of The Overseers loved his granddaughter but due to his obligations was unable to raise her himself. Faye was placed in the care of her godparents who were very rich and influential nobles in the southern regions. The noble life did not suit Faye and in most cases she despised it leading to quite a large rift between her and her godparents, with visits from her Grandfather becoming more and more infrequent she decided to venture out on her own.

Faye started a life of adventure desperately trying to distance herself from the noble life, and she quickly earned a reputation for her abilities, her physical strength and natural ability of leadership making her sought out to lead all sorts of jobs for those willing to pay this now noble-turned-mercenary. She enjoyed honing her skills in the Aeston Arena where she quickly gained notorious fame and earned herself the nickname "Tornado of Fury."

Through her mercenary work she met the remorseless killer and assassin known as Shade Hide who she was the target of, as well as later meeting Xion Apex and Raelia Mithril-Raven who were the three initial members of Ardent Apex.


It's easy to get to know an open person like Faye, and her enthusiastic and optimistic nature are contagious to those around her. Her lovable, mischevious and playful qualities are often overshadowed by tendencies of being perverse, especially when in the company of one of her closest friends Raelia Mithril-Raven.
She's cherished for her unique style of leadership which many people regularly rely on. Her kindness is also especially welcomed when people are in need of comfort or support.
Faye also has plenty of less favorable characteristics too. Her ego and tendencies to be airheaded often get in the way, much to the annoyance of others, though fortunately her charisma shines through brighter on most days.


Faye is a little shorter than average with a medium solid build. Long wavy blonde hair is pulled back to reveal a warm inviting face that reflects her optimistic nature; her glistening dark blue eyes glance protectively over the guild members she regards as family. Flushed light-olive skin compliments her eyes and hair, and her elegant brightly colored clothing leaves an amusing question about the difficulty of her previous adventures.

Friends & Foes

Faye has no shortage of friend and foe, both aquired over a long career as a mercenary and more recently as the Guild Master of Ardent Apex.


Shade Hide
Once a former target of this assassin Faye and Shade Hide are now close friends and she is readily relied upon to undetake some of the more morally questionable tasks put in front of Ardent Apex.
Raelia Mithril-Raven
Met shortly after Shade Hide Faye and Raelia have a close and even outwardly intimate relationship which they are never afraid to flaunt in front of others in a teasing and taunting manner, the shyness and embarassment that this invokes in their guildmates only adds to their enjoyment. She is also the Guild Emissary for Ardent Apex.
Xion Apex
A quiet and reserved woman who has been by Faye's side as a friend and confidant for quite some time. Xion was naturally one of the first people Faye called upon to help her establish her guild once it was chartered.


Tad Cooper
Tad Cooper is Faye's large pet shocker lizard. The size of a small dog Tad Cooper can usually be found wandering around Apex's Guild Hall or with Noix (Faye's creepy and seemingly possessed doll) in Apex's Bath House.


The members of the guild who lost their charter that was subsequently given to Ardent Apex have a vendetta against Faye and have been actively trying to assassinate Faye as well as disrupt and attack the guild.

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