Glamzar Peridot

Created Thursday 30 November 2017

Glamzar is a curious and intelligent Ratfolk who is always quick to search out new and interesting information wherever he can find it, an endeavor he hopes is made easier by the access and benefits that come with the new guild he's joined called Ardent Apex.

Basic Information

Home: For Heaven's Cakes! in Aeston
Race: Ratfolk
Gender: Male
Deity: Rolan


Glamzar started an apprenticeship with a local scribe at a young age due to his interest in learning and assumption that making books would give him more opportunities to read them. Listening to Glamzar toting various amounts of facts and pieces of trivia to the Master Scribe he was apprenticed to, a visiting Wizard offered him the opportunity of magical apprenticeship instead. The Wizard had correctly picked up on Glamzar's sharp mind that had been fueled by his love of reading and pursuit of knowledge.
After researching ways to gain access to rarer and books of better quality Glamzar came to the conclusion that the best way would be to join a Guild due to the enormous perks and amount of doorways membership would open. He sought out a guild to join and ended up being recruited into Ardent Apex. His magical apprenticeship having ended and no longer having access to the dorm provided by his old Master, Glamzar opted to take a job as a cleaner at the bakery For Heaven's Cakes! in exchange for room and board.


Glamzar is generally cheerful and friendly but has a tendency to ramble a lot due to his desire to share with other people the multitudes of information that he's picked up over the years. He is eager to help people who are in need of assistance, and has a desire to make magic more common because of its amazing utility.


Though harder to judge than more traditional races Glamzar looks like he is roughly thirteen years old, which would make him a young adult in Ratfolk terms. He stands four feet tall and due to a lifestyle bereft of physical exercise his chubby stature is quite noticeable. Glamzar possesses gray fur which starkly contrasts his bold yellow eyes. He can normally be seen wearing a blue sleeveless tunic coupled with trousers and black boots.


Raelgil Sjachi
Bonded in part by their unique appearances and similar interests Glamzar has found himself becoming fast friends with Raelgil Sjachi, who also seems concerned with the apparent instability of Glamzar's boss Lasciel Achaos.
Sally the Raccoon
Glamzar gets along well with his fellow employee Sally, who has made every effort to help him out with the cleaning at For Heaven's Cakes!.
Lasciel Achaos
Glamzar along with a great number of others question the stability and sometimes sanity of his employer Lasciel Achaos, though with help from Sally he has decided to still work at her bakery for the time being.

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