Linniwop District

Created Tuesday 28 November 2017

The Linniwop district situated near the heart of Aeston, houses one of the first sites of development on Aeston's founding, a well. The well dried up centuries ago, a few of the original stone bricks remain intact but has been boarded up for as long as anyone can remember. Legends hold that the well had produced the sweetest water until an overly curious gnome named Linniwop had plunged to her untimely end, giving the district its namesake. The buildings of this particular district are worn to put it politely. The Preservation Society and Council have been at odds on development within the district keeping Linniwop historic but otherwise underdeveloped. Through the hardwork and effort of the Apex Guild, the true circumstances of Linniwop's death was revealed to be murder at the hands of a gargoyle named Otrul.

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