Player FAQs

Created Friday 05 October 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Gate Questions

Q: Gates require guild sigils to use right? Is this an Aeston thing, or global thing? What other groups can use the gates?

Gates themselves don't require sigils. Some countries or kingdoms and most gates in the wilderness don't require them at all too. Aestons gates are set up to scan for a sigil when the destination symbols are outside of Aeston though intra-city gating can be done by anyone. Wayfarers are free to use any gates in the network they have the address to.

Q: Is there any public directory of gate destinations?

The Wayfarers Guild possesses the only known list of Gate Addresses but does not share it outside their guild.

Q: Does a gate code send you to the same destination gate no matter which source gate you use?

Yes. They are all fixed addresses. Only Wayfarers have the ability to modify Gates in any way including their addresses.

Q: Why are gates in Aeston Sigil-locked?

Aeston is one of the only completely neutral cities that is not under rule by country or kingdom. Their gates are sigil locked for security reasons like preventing enemy armies from using them to enter city. Aeston is also one of the main cities that house guild headquarters and respects guilds authority more than most, so they allow special rights to people who belong to guilds.

Guild Questions

Q: What are the entry requirements for the Wayfarer's guild?

The Wayfarer's Guild outsources a lot of tasks to non-guild members and therefor doesn't have many core members. To join the applicant has to be able to at minimum be able to cast fifth level arcane spells one of which must be a Teleport spell.

Q: Can a person belong to more that one guild?

There is no rule dictated by The Overseers that someone may not be a member of multiple guilds. Some Guilds may have bylaws that state people can't be in more than one though enforcement of these rules is by the Guild not The Overseers. Most Guilds don't like people joining competing guilds.

Q: Do all cities have guilds?

Not all cities have Guilds in fact most don't have serious guild presence. Guilds like having headquarters generally in bigger population bases. There are some areas of the continent that the Guilds don't even operate in, or areas where local governments forbid it, though such cases are extremely rare as Guilds are almost universally thought of as a positive thing.

Q: Are there assassin/thieves/evil guilds, and how are they regulated if at all?

There are. The ex-guild currently after Apex was an assassins guild. They only fall under the regulation of The Overseers outside any local laws people may have. The Overseers aren't very political, so if a town says "We don't want Assassin's in here" and an assassin's guild operates anyways, The Overseers don't care as long as the Guild follows the rules set forth by them.

Q: What happens if someone makes a guild that isn't backed by the Overseers?

Then it's not a guild it's merely an organization. Most areas won't be happy if a group goes around calling themselves a guild without the charter to back up the claim. If they forge guild-type signets then bad things will happen in the form of real guilds being dispatched to deal with it. Depending how bad the problem is even one of the Silver Inquisition may be called into action.